My production of “North Bank Suzhou Creek” premieres in Shanghai!

My interview in March issue of Talk Magazine

My interview in March issue of Talk Magazine

This is how we do it

Over the past month or so, I’ve been collaborating with the Rock Bund Art Museum to organizing a series of performance workshops called “This is how I do it.”  All together I organized three performance workshops that aimed to serve as a platform for the public to engage with Chinese artists about their work.  Each … Continue reading

Visiting IFChina in Ji’an

Master Li sits at a camphor wood desk under the rear stairwell of a crumbling apartment building.  On his desk is an inkwell, a cup full of calligraphy brushes, and a small portable radio.  The man nudges his large glasses farther up his nose as he paints – tiny, nearly imperceptible black brush strokes on … Continue reading