“The Pillowman” reading at Rock Bund Art Museum in Shanghai

In partnership with Shanghai’s 3rd Culture Theater and Shanghai Rock Bund Art Museum, I am directing a Chinese-language reading of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman.  The performance will take place at Rock Bund on December 24th at 3pm.

Problem Solving in Paradise

I spent the last week of November in Shangrila in northern Yunnan province.  Only a decade ago, Shangrila, then called Zhongdian, was a small Tibetan town situated in an alpine valley.  Then, in 2001, the government decided to develop the city and boost tourism by renaming the city “Shangrila,” thereby invoking the mystical utopia depicted … Continue reading

The Confucius Project — You too can Jingju!

During September I served as a coordinator and group leader for the Cambridge School of Weston’s Confucius Project – a month long tour and study of traditional Chinese theater in Mainland China.  The Cambridge School of Weston is a progressive private high school located outside of Boston (see http://www.csw.org/confucius for more info).  This past spring … Continue reading

Can “xiqu” survive?

Notes from the 33rd Annual International Theatre Institute World Congress in Xiamen, China This past week I attended the bi-annual ITI World Congress in Xiamen, southeastern China.  The ITI is one of the largest international theater networks comprised by delegations in over 60 countries and administered under the umbrella of UNESCO.  I attended the congress … Continue reading

This is how we do it

Over the past month or so, I’ve been collaborating with the Rock Bund Art Museum to organizing a series of performance workshops called “This is how I do it.”  All together I organized three performance workshops that aimed to serve as a platform for the public to engage with Chinese artists about their work.  Each … Continue reading

Spreading discord and discontent everywhere I go….

As I wrote about in my last blog post, over a month ago I arranged for my students to lead a “learning English through drama” workshop at the No. 3 Girl’s High School in Shanghai.  At the conclusion of a workshop, I talked with Yan laoshi, the teacher in charge of the budding drama program … Continue reading

Visiting IFChina in Ji’an

Master Li sits at a camphor wood desk under the rear stairwell of a crumbling apartment building.  On his desk is an inkwell, a cup full of calligraphy brushes, and a small portable radio.  The man nudges his large glasses farther up his nose as he paints – tiny, nearly imperceptible black brush strokes on … Continue reading