Spreading discord and discontent everywhere I go….

As I wrote about in my last blog post, over a month ago I arranged for my students to lead a “learning English through drama” workshop at the No. 3 Girl’s High School in Shanghai.  At the conclusion of a workshop, I talked with Yan laoshi, the teacher in charge of the budding drama program … Continue reading

The No.3 Experiment

Recently in my applied theater workshop we have been looking at how to learn English as a foreign language through drama exercises.  The final goal for this unit was for my students to teach one period of an English class at Shanghai’s No. 3 Girl’s School.  We spent two classes preparing for the workshop.  I … Continue reading

Site-Specific Shanghai

In the last few weeks, we have been examining “site-specific theater” in my applied theater workshop at STA (site-specific theater is essentially any performance that is designed according to its performance location, which is usually not a theater or conventional performance space).  I wanted to study site-specific work with my students to a) challenge their … Continue reading

This is Garbage

WRITTEN ON OCTOBER 23, 2010 Last weekend I saw a performance of three solo dance pieces entitled “Dans Storm.”  The show was presented at the Ke Center for the Performing Arts and organized by the Spanish consulate in Shanghai. The first piece was performed by Spaniard Aitana Cordero.  It consisted of her placing random objects … Continue reading

Visiting IFChina in Ji’an

Master Li sits at a camphor wood desk under the rear stairwell of a crumbling apartment building.  On his desk is an inkwell, a cup full of calligraphy brushes, and a small portable radio.  The man nudges his large glasses farther up his nose as he paints – tiny, nearly imperceptible black brush strokes on … Continue reading

Reflections from class on October 14th

Today was certainly a hard day in class.  It was our first session really delving into Boal’s techniques and trying to create our own improvised material.  From the beginning of the course, I can sense that I’ve been delaying this step in the process.  For the last few weeks, I’ve designed the curriculum around exercises … Continue reading